121 Coaching

Plans are available for all levels of fitness from beginners to those who already know their way around the gym. All plans are personal & individual to you that can be gym based or home based depending on your goals. It is my job to provide all the tools to support you & keep you accountable but it is down to YOU to dedicate time and put the hard work in.

I will change your mindset to focus on how you feel, how your clothes fit and fat loss without obsessing over the scale weight.

I promise you, that investing money into your health, fitness and well-being will be the best thing you ever do. Yes, I will make you stronger and fitter but I will also help you lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. I promise you more support, accountability and results than 90% of all coaches out there.

What can you expect ?

  • An initial consultation to discuss your specific training and nutrition goals and requirements.

  • A copy of my Personal Training Welcome Pack and Client/Trainer Agreement.

  • Nutrition/macro help sheet. 

  • A completely bespoke training programme, sleep, cardio and step goal according to your goals and availability. 

  • Personal training app to track your progress and record your workouts. 

  • Weekly check ins with scale weight, measurements and progress photo progress. We will review your week look at sleep, recovery, and mindset. Make amendments if required.

  • Unlimited support from me via WhatsApp where you can ask questions, gain knowledge or simply need a chat.

But what do I expect from you?

  • As my client you need to attend all 1-2-1 training sessions and stick to your program as best as possible in order to achieve the results you want. I can give you all of the tools you need, but if you also don’t hold yourself accountable, you will not get to where you want to be.

  • Patience is key, as results do not happen overnight. Reaching your goals requires commitment over a long period of time, and those that understand this will benefit much more than those who think this will be one quick fix.


Are you ready to lose fat, gain confidence and create a healthier mindset towards exercise, food and your body?